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Behind the Scenes page 2
click the pictures for a bigger image

  St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Some shoots are unique. This was our "crew bus" and hotel as we sailed from island to island filming.

Shooting a tourism film can have it's hardships. Sometimes we didn't have time to stop for a Rum and Coke!
The camera gear ready for a day's shooting. We shipped all the gear down by Fedex. Expensive but assured. Frankly, some clients are just easier to work for than others.  Krista was a slave driver.
Brett was worried I might slip off the cliff. Krista, Wes and his Arri 16SR. Yes, we shot FILM
Chatting with the pilot as we get ready to shoot aerials. Wes didn't even take his fedora along !

   Christmas in Wonderland 

 Under all these accessories is a Panavision Genesis - a digital version of a Panaflex Rigging up the camera car ready for a tow shot.
A scaffold was needed to get the crane high enough to look down on a chase scene above the water park The crane also came in handy shooting the final sequence of the movie on Europa Boulevard

  The Backgrounder

Joelle - Music Video

Wes and Crystal Kadatz in Banff, while shooting around the province with Harley Hay.  Good times. Joelle sits on a painters backdrop, surrounded by frames that will have images put in them in post.

   Not So Cruel Today

The set, designed and built by Bretta Gerecke, was constructed of paper machete, and back-lit by Wes  Even the wardrobe was made of paper.

    Cat's Cradle 

Wes and Cara Albo performing on stage at the Dow Centre in Ft. Saskatchewan Julie Phillips was both the B-camera assistant and played the dead wife.  Double dipping the hard way.

    Caution: May Contain Nuts

Parody is the name of the game, in this case it's Indiana Jones.  Remember the boulder in the tunnel? The amazing Sheldon Elter played Indiana Jones, in search of the prize that comes with his coffee.
Setting up a night scene for "Drinking and Driving"  Wes, Ostop Toreshenko, Terry Simms and Prudence Olenik all worked with Joe Flaherty on SCTV
Making an outdoor Indian market on the third floor of the Mercer Building. James Higuchi as Ghandi.
Interior for night exterior - war zone.   Is Brett wearing hearing protection to block out Crystal?
Dana Andersen as a Nazi creep. Matt Alden Dykes as Ronald McDonald

     The Island

Trevor Anderson wrote and starred in this short film that is making a splash at festivals around the world.  We shot on Cold Lake, and then Kim Clegg animated a tropical island around him as he walks.

     The Force

Leslie Nielsen was host. We shot him green screen with the Red camera and then built a virtual set.  True stories of the RCMP.  In this case, it's about an officer who gets killed after stopping a truck.
Wes works with director Ken Jubenvill to set a shot Detectives scour the scene the next morning. Real Cops.
Wes films the bad guys view of the police dog attack. The take down. We used a real swat team for this.

     When Calls the Heart

Making it rain with water towers - on a rainy day!  John Spooner loved getting soaked.
Wes with a Panaflex in the school house.  No it isn't real sun coming through those windows.

  The Kois

   A Gun, a Cigar and a Bottle of Scotch

David Bates jumps up on stage with the all girl band. Wes as a classic silhouette

    Freezer Burn


Wes with the Panavision Genesis camera Wes proving he is still strong enough to hand-hold.  Hey Dean, is that a battery in your hand?
You'll understand when you see the movie       Dan Powers took these pictures.       Thanks Dan.

   Looking Glass

   Catching the Chameleon

Wes being cool again.