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About the Photographer

Wes Doyle was born in Lethbridge in 1952, where he was raised until the age of 14 when he then went off to private boarding school, (St. Andrews College, in Aurora Ontario). When Wes left for school, his father gave him a 35mm Zeiss Ikon camera to take with him, and so one of the first things Wes did at school was to join the camera club. 

At the age of 17, Wes photographed his first nude (his girlfriend), and it sparked a continuing quest to capture the simple beauty, the supple form, the mysterious aura that is a woman. "Photographing women is a way of expressing my delight in them, a kind of homage to femininity. Yet, I believe every good photographer of women is a little bit awed by them".

Today, Wes works full time as a freelance Cinematographer and Videographer, shooting Feature Films, TV commercials, TV series and specials, and corporate films. He still loves to experiment with light and composition through his still photography. "After all these years, light continues to inspire me. It is what motivates me to shoot. In order to master photography, you must master light. That is my ongoing challenge."